Basics of an Everyday Skin Care Routine

Laurie Neronha Esthetician CEO Viriditas Beauty

2x daily
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Skincare 101: the basics you need for great skin care. Caring for your skin requires a bit more effort than just soap and water. In fact, if you want to help your skin look its best for as long as possible, you need to invest in a good skin care routine, then be consistent with it. This is a basic outline of a daily skincare routine.


  • Cleanser
  • Toner
  • Serum
  • Moisturizer
  • Eye Cream
  • SPF
  • weekly skin polish
  • weekly mask


  1. Apply a generous amount of your chosen cleanser. Massage it into skin well for 1-3 minutes.
  2. Wipe skin clean with a soft damp cloth. A bamboo washcloth works well
  3. Apply a toner or hydrating mist to prepare your skin to absorb actives in your serums.
  4. Apply a serum to address specific skin concerns: acne, dark spots, fine lines, redness.
  5. Apply a small amount of eye cream on the orbit of the eye, don't get too close!
  6. Apply a moisturizer over the entire face, neck and chest.
  7. Apply a suitable SPF over the entire face, neck and chest. Apply it EVERYWHERE!
  8. Repeat steps 1-5 nightly
  9. 1-2x per week, use a mild exfoliant/scrub followed by a treatment mask. Skip this step if your skin is irritated or tender in any way.
  10. Every 3-6 weeks, schedule a professional facial treatment


Your "face" includes everything from your hairline down to your chest. Treat ALL of your skin, including the back of your neck.

Cleanse your skin no more than 2x daily, and give it time to work. Spend 2-3 full minutes working it into all areas of your skin, especially the t-zone.

Some toners/mists are designed to be applied with a cotton pad, be sure to read the instructions.

Serums generally need to be fully massaged into the skin. Some are suitable to be used around the eye area too, so check the label.

You may be instructed to layer several serums to address your specific skin concerns. Check with your esthetician if its ok to "cocktail" them in your hand first to streamline application.

Eye cream should be applied along the orbital bone only; do not apply too close to the lash line as it may absorb into the eye membranes and cause irritation.

Use enough moisturizer to enable a smooth application. You should never be tugging or dragging your skin. Move the product, not your face:)

SPF IS NON-NEGOTIABLE. Use it EVERY day, even when it's not sunny. SPF is about protecting your skin from radiation, not sunlight.